Heating water treatment according to VDI 2035.


Water that is as low in salt as possible is recommended for filling heating systems to prevent damage and loss of performance due to limestone and corrosion.


The PUROFILL demineralisation cartridge is operated with an ion exchange mixed bed resin.

This mixed-bed resin removes dissolved salts from the fill and refill water of heating systems, thereby reducing its overall hardness and electrical conductivity. In addition, during the demineralisation process, corrosion-promoting ingredients such as chlorides, sulphates and nitrates are removed from the water.


These features make demineralised water an ideal basis for the operation of a heating system with a water quality as recommended by current guidelines and warranty conditions of boiler manufacturers.

Quality Resin Operational Up To 90 ° C  Making Our Systems Ideal For Inline Treatment While The System Remains Operational. 

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The Flexible Filling Unit

  • Cost-effective and simple way to fill a heating system with demieralised water.

  • Available in Polyglass or Stainless steel for high pressure systems.

  • Flexible filling as PUROFILL can be used as a mobile filling device, left on site or for inline flushing.

  • Easily monitored using the MINIGUARD'S simple traffic light indicator.

  • Available with or without carry handle for ease of handling.   

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