eleXion water treatment have a strong belief that effective hydronic corrosion protection should not cost the earth, not just in terms of finances but also in terms of protecting our greatest asset, the environment.

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No chemical cocktails & no complicated formulas, eleXion simply use 100% natural trusted chemistry to provide ongoing corrosion protection.

In the continuing struggle to prevent corrosion within our heating/cooling systems, chemical additives have long been at the forefront of UK guidance within the HVAC industry.

Worldwide there has been a greater emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint in a bid to save the planet & protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.

With HVAC manufacturers striving to improve efficiency and with modern systems now operating at reduced temperatures, never has it been more important to have a reliable and effective water treatment regime in place.

Modern heating and cooling systems operate with reduced flowrates, smaller exchanger surfaces and component sizing to maximise efficiency, gone are the days of large water ways & energy waste. This results in tighter operating tolerances and incorrect water treatment can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency and operation of a system, ultimately leading to equipment or system failure.

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It is widely considered that just 1mm of scale can reduce an appliance efficiency by 10% and that 85% of breakdowns are as a result of incorrect water treatment.

Our company ethos is built around protecting the environment and thanks to our sustainable treatment methods we can help our clients prevent millions of litres of chemical additives from entering and damaging the environment.

Sustainable & environmentally friendly solutions, offering constant reliable corrosion protection, that doesn’t cost the earth!

As industry leaders in the field of electrochemistry & demineralised water treatment, eleXion assist clients in achieving Europe’s most stringent water treatment standards, which include:

German VDI 2035, Swiss SWKI BT 102-01 & Austrian ÖNORM H5195-1.

Due to our knowledge and expertise, eleXion were invited to provide technical guidance for the revised BSRIA BG50 documentation. Electrochemistry has now been included within the latest guidance and recognised by BSRIA alongside the use of demineralised water as an accepted alternative to more traditional less environmentally friendly chemical regimes.

We were privileged to have worked with the UK steering group, the appreciation of chemical free processes within this updated documentation shows major progression within the UK HVAC industry, which has always been heavily influenced by chemical based methods.

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