REFILL ensures all top-up water is conditioned prior to entering the system, providing demineralised water at point of fill incompliance with VDI 2035, SWKI BT 102–01 and Ö‑NORM H 5195–1.

Raw water top-ups can seriously impact the life expectancy of all modern heating and cooling systems which operate with reduced flow rates and smaller water ways to maximise efficiency, gone are the days of large water ways & energy waste. To maximise efficiency often components have been greatly reduced in size and subsequently the margin for failure has been reduced, therefore the impact of incorrect water treatment can have a catastrophic effect on the efficiency and operation of the system which can lead to complete system failure.

Limescale build up and the rate at which corrosion will occur are accelerated by untreated system top-ups which may be due to planned & reactive maintenance visit.

Pressure maintenance devices can also impact chemical additives by diluting the system protection every time they operational due to potential system leaks, this dilutes and impacts their ability to protect the system.

Unconditioned water will greatly affect the life expectancy of the vital system components and have a negative impact towards operating efficiencies.

Operating costs are increased and as a result carbon emissions are also increased.

The life expectancy & reliability of the overall system is greatly affected.

This leads to premature appliance failure, increased operating costs & increasing the carbon emissions entering the environment.

Targeting the following key elements which suppress corrosion rates when used in conjunction with electrochemistry.

REFILL is a water conditioning station for the complete desalination of the top-up water for heating/cooling systems that are operated in accordance with VDI 2035 & require a low-salt mode of operation.

Using our industry leading Xi+ resin, minerals and salts are extracted from the fill water while ensuring the pH rises at point of fill to provide the system with water that ensures efficiencies remain high & components remain protected, strictly without the use of chemical additives.

Conditioned water via REFILL meets the requirements for low-salt refill and top-up water in accordance with the applicable guidelines. Within the capacity range, the total hardness is <0.1 ° dH and the electrical conductivity of the refill and top-up water is at a level of <10 µS / cm.

The water conditioning system REFILL is designed for permanent installation to a system and is fitted in conjunction with the pressure maintenance system &/or quick fill connection, ensuring all top-up enters the system low in mineral and salt content.

Industry leading in design REFILL is rated at a 10 bar operating pressure making it suitable for almost every possible system

Available with a stainless steel or poly-glass resin canister for smaller applications each REFILL system comes as standard with a stainless-steel wall bracket, water meter, capacity indicator MINIGUARD as well as a valve for taking water samples and venting the cartridge system.

The REFILL system can be upgraded to integrate with the onsite BMS system using our conductivity meter µS-Control 6C.

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The installation of REFILL in the refill line ensures that the system water quality is not adversely affected by any refill processes and thus warranty claims are maintained, assets remain protected, operation costs remain low and efficiencies remain high.



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