FTK Mobile & Side Stream filters

The FTK ultra-fine filter process has been developed over the last 35 years which has helped produce a side stream filter that outperforms the competion.

This innovative filter system can be installed to older systems where the circulation water is suffering from corrosion issues, where instant improvements are required or it can be installed to new systems, protected from day one of operation to ensure that efficiencies remain high and system components remain protected at all times.

“Just a 1 mm layer of dirt on the heat exchanger surface will result in at least  a 3% reduction in heat transfer. For example, with a heating system with a total output of 2,000 KW, this causes an annual loss of energy produced by around £2,830. This reduction in performance means that there is additional carbon & heat energy being released into the atmosphere which has a significant impact to the environment & operating costs. Even higher costs are caused by ongoing dirt-related repairs. – Year after year again.”

FTK filters effectively remove sludge & other impurities from the circulating water ensuring only crystal-clear & low-oxygen water remains.

The replaceable filter cartridge is at the heart of the FTK ultra-fine filter system. These special industrial filter cartridges have been proven worldwide for decades.

Smaller FTK models are fitted with a singular cartridge which has a total surface area of 1.8m2, this huge area allows for a significant catchment to remove debris, sludge and films from the circulating water.

Larger FTKs consist of 4 filters cartridges boasting a combined surface area of 6.8m2.

They are characterized by their pressure resistance and their high dirt holding capacity. Due to their special design FTK filter cartridges have a very long service life.

Designed to remove particles as small as 0.5μm, the FTK system can be fitted with a variety of filter sizes, 40,15,5,1 & 0.5 μm filters being available.  The pleated design outperforms bag filters, dirt separators and other cartridge based systems which are available on the market.

Stainless steel reusable 30 μm filter cartridges are also available and can be utilised when initial system cleaning is undertaken before being swapped out to a finer filter cartridge.

Filtration is aided by the NeoDym high power magnet filter bar which extracts any magnetic matter that may pass through the filter cartridge ensuring the water that leaves the FTK filer system is always crystal clear.

The system itself benefits from a differential pressure switch allowing the system to automatically switch off the pump when the filter becomes blocked.

This allows the onsite engineers to focus their efforts on other duties safe in the knowledge the system is protected.

The pressure switch allows for connection to the building management system (BMS)  to alert the service provider that the filter has become clogged and needs replacing.

Inline treatment of the circulation water can be completed at the same time as filtering the system water from debris and impurities. Combining our Envirofill & FTK filter in series allows the system water to be conditioned via use of ion exchange resin, removing the harmful minerals and salts, while the filtering process is taking place. This technique reduces time spent on site and the impact incorrect water treatment can have on the system components, operating costs and environmental impact.

FTK filters

  • Available as a mobile service tool & permanent fixed models.
  • Wall hung, floor mounted or fitted with wheels are all options for each sized unit in the FTK range.
  • Stainless steel in construction withstanding pressures up to 16 bar.
  • Filter element sizes 40,15,5,1 & 0.5 μm.
  • Stainless steel washable filter elements available.
  • Each filter element has a huge surface area of 1.8 m2 and can withstands flow pressures exceeding 2.0 bar.
  • Larger units consist of four filter cartridges with a combined filter area of 6.8m2.
  • Inbuilt pressure switch which automatically stops the pump when the filter becomes blocked.
  • Interlock with BMS systems to warn the service provider the filter needs replacing.
  • Optional time clock can be fitted.
  • Inline treatment can be completed by combining our Envirofill filling unit to condition and filter the circulating water at the same time.



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