Ion Exchange Resin

The ion exchanger mixed bed resin from elector is a special mixture, which is designed for the desalination of heating fill and make-up water, as well as for the desalination of heating water in a circulatory process.


The mixed bed resin for complete desalination of heating water is ideally suited for heating water treatment due to the high proportion of anion exchange (more than 60% on average), this can prevent the pH value from falling into the acidic range within the capacity limits.


elector mixed bed resin for the complete desalination of heating water is a premium resin, which we subject to constant quality controls.


The ion exchange mixed bed resin for the complete demineralisation of the filling water of heating systems enables a filling water quality with which the requirements of relevant guidelines such as VDI2035, SWKI BT 102-01 or ÖNORM H 5195-1 can be achieved. An electrical conductivity of <0.1 µS / cm and a total hardness of 0.001 ° dH are realisable values ​​in the heating water.

Quality Resin Operational Up To 90 ° C  Making Our Systems Ideal For Inline Treatment While The System Remains Operational. 

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Resin Facts

  • Ion exchange resin from elector is of the highest quality and can be used with all major brands of demineralisation fill stations available on the market. 

  • Due to the operating temperature of up to 90 ° C it is ideally suited for the desalination by the means of inline flushing while the system is still operational. Allowing for effective inline treatment without any down time.   

  • Ion exchange mixed bed resin with a high proportion of anions. Ion exchange mixed bed resin for full demineralisation = low conductivity and hardness.

  • Highest quality from well-known manufacturers - every batch is subjected to careful quality controls.

  • 100% new goods - no regenerated resin.

  • Packed airtight - safe storage without loss of quality.

  • including disposal bag for used resin. Disposal in normal household waste.

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