REFILL is a water conditioning station for the complete desalination of the top-up or top-up water for heating systems that are operated in accordance with VDI 2035 in a low-salt mode of operation.


The water conditioning system REFILL is designed for permanent installation between the drinking water pipe and the heating system. It can be integrated into existing semi and fully automatic refill systems or pressure maintenance systems.


REFILL has a stainless steel wall bracket, a water meter, the ion exchange cartridge for full desalination,integrated capacity indicator MINIGUARD as well as a valve for taking water samples and venting the cartridge system.


REFILL is available with an optional RPZ valve for connections to systems where the PU/Vacuum degasser doesn't meet the required standard of separation between the heating system and incoming water supply.


Conditioned water via REFILL meets the requirements for low-salt refill and top-up water in accordance with the applicable guidelines. Within the capacity range, the total hardness is <0.1 ° dH and the electrical conductivity of the refill and top-up water is at a level of <10 µS / cm.


The installation of REFILL in the refill line ensures that the system water quality is not adversely affected by any refill processes and thus warranty claims are maintained.

Quality Resin Operational Up To 90 ° C  Making Our Systems Ideal For Inline Treatment While The System Remains Operational. 

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Features Of The REFILL

  • Demineralisation station by the use of high quality ion-exchnage resin.

  • Conductivity monitoring with MINIGUARD conductivity indicators.

  •  Wall bracket made of stainless steel.

  • Sampling valve and venting valve. 

  • Can be integrated into any PU/Degasser system. Flexibility due to the possibility of connecting different ion exchange cartridges.  

  • Can be expanded with a professional conductivity meter that can switch a solenoid valve and be connected to the BMS and with an automatic leakage monitor.

  • RPZ valve option for non complaint top up systems. 

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