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The PUROFILL VA water filter system is ideally suited to a wide range of applications & has been especially designed for either mobile filling or inline treatment via ion exchange resin.


Available models 14, 26, 40 & 85 litres the Purofill VA is a cost effective solution for every size of installation. 

Thanks to the stainless steel container material the Purofill VA is suitable for applications under extreme conditions up to a temperature of 90 ° C and a permissible pressure of 10 bar. This makes the Purofill VA viable for commercial inline treatment as well as high temperature systems where down time is not permitted.


Monitoring of the inlet & outlet is achieved by use of the conductivity meters which indicates the flow rate, litres treated & electrical conductivity of the inlet & outlet water. 

Using our special inhouse mix of loose resin the Purofill VA offers a cost effective method for filling any size of system. 

The Ultimate Filling & Inline Conditioning Device 

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Simple Replacement Of Resin
Simple Replacement Of Resin

The PUROFILL VA ion exchange tank allows for a quick & simple method when replacement resin is required thanks to the clever lever system.

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PUROFILL VA can be easily integrated with our FTK fine filter system to rejuvenate heavily silted systems. High flow rates can be achieved to reduce the overall treatment timescale.

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Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring

Simple & effective real time visual monitoring of the flow rate, litres filled & incoming & out going electrical conductivity of the water.

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VDI Facts In Brief

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  • Heating water demineralisation according to the recommendations of VDI 2035 and other guidelines to an electrical conductivity of 0.1 - 100 µS/cm.

  • Balances the pH to a level of ~8.2 - 8.5.

  • Removes chlorides, sulphates, nitrates and hardness.

  • Easy to use with replacement cartridge system.

  • Ideal for initial filling and circulating water demineralisation of heating systems.

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