Sustainable corrosion protection strictly without the use of chemical additives or electrical power supplies, electrochemical water treatment offers constant ongoing corrosion protection to help maintain high efficiency operation & protection of expensive system components.

Electrochemistry Targets the following key elements which suppress corrosion rates

Corrosion protection doesn’t have to cost the earth and when operating a chemical free system, we are not only reducing the initial chemical usage but the constant uphill battle which requires regular testing, dosing and flushing to maintain acceptable levels of corrosion.

This doesn’t just prevent huge financial outlays but also thousands of litres of chemicals entering the environment every year.

Corrosion control with no compromise our environmentally friendly solution has been proven to outperform traditional UK methods while still being sustainable & environmentally friendly.

Naturally occurring reactions within the elector reaction tank remove oxygen, extract aggressive salts and prevent low acidic pH of the circulation water without the use of chemicals or power supplies.

Environmentally friendly


Cost Reduction

Constant protection

Time Saving

Assets Remain Protected

Working alongside BSRIA as leading experts in the field of electrochemistry elexion were asked to contribute on a technical bases in the latest addition of the BG50 With our contribution electrochemistry now has a space in UK guidance alongside the use of demineralised water.

Compliance with:

  • BSRIA BG50
  • German guideline VDI 2035.
  • Swiss guideline SWKI BT 102-01.
  • Austrian guideline ÖNORM H5195-1.
  • Now with self cleaning & BMS interface.

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The use of chemical additives for corrosion protection are no longer necessary with a reduction in maintenance costs.

Assets remain protected by use of sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques.

No complicated formulas or chemical cocktails are required with the process becoming uncomplicated and easy to understand.

The formation of sludge is effectively prevented with existing sludge extracted from the system.

Elector is easy and inexpensive to operate and maintain.


Due to the non-separated anode and cathode space, the magnesium oxide formed at the anode combines with the hydroxide up to its low solubility limit and serves as a buffer for the pH value. Free acids can be neutralised by the excess magnesium ion preventing a corrosive low pH and increasing the naturally forming stable layers of the system metals.


System water containing dissolved metal ions as a result of corrosion can be extracted by use of the elector tank. The naturally occurring magnesium hydroxide separates the metal ions from the circulation water with the particle collecting inside the reaction chamber which can then be flushed out. This process helps to improve the overall condition of the circulation water.


In water where dissolved lime is present, the lime can be separated as calcium carbonate by the alkaline environment on the cathode surfaces, whereby a reduction in the overall hardness and an accumulation of lime residues in the elector reaction tank can be observed.


By using an elector reaction tank (anti-corrosion device), non-corrosive system water can be achieved strictly without the use of chemical additives. When used in conjunction with demineralised water or water naturally low in mineral & salt content, the circulation water will reach a non corrosive state protecting assets and keeping efficiency high.

No pH stabilisers & No corrosion inhibitors are required, the use of the elector tank makes it possible to constantly improve water quality by removal of dissolved oxygen & increasing pH value to the required limits, passivation of the metals is achieved thanks to naturally occurring oxide layers of the system metals.

Unlike expensive and complicated devices such as vacuum degassers the elector reaction tank doesn’t require any special commissioning, training or power supply to operate.  This not only reduces cost at installation but ongoing maintenance costs also drop as the device operates using naturally occurring reactions not forced reactions from expensive internal components.

Unlike traditional air separators the elector reaction tank will successfully remove oxygen from the circulating water regardless of temperature, location on system or head pressure above the device.

The elector tank offers constant corrosion protection by:

  • Removal of dissolve oxygen – In place of vacuum degassing.
  • System filtration – In place of dirt separators.
  • pH control – In place of chemical dosing.


BIM images

Elexion Reaction tank Elector L60
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Elexion Reaction tank Elector XL 500
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Elexion Reaction tank Elector XL130
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Elexion Reaction tank Elector XL 300
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Data sheets

Elexion elector M25 Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector S10-V Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector XL + Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector XL + MTHW Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector XL 130 Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector XS5 Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector XS5-B Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion elector L60 Datasheet 07-20
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Anode Maintenance elector en-0116
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User guide elector heating system corrosion protection 0815
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