MP-7 The onsite test kit for checking VDI 2035 parameters are achieved.

The proven solution for on-site water analysis, the MP-7 allows engineers and building operators to check key parameters that need to be achieved to ensure corrosion rates and scale build up are kept to a minimum. This ensures efficiencies remain high, carbon impact is low & warranties stay intact.

  Electrical conductivity.

  The pH value.

  The total hardness.

  The Salt content.

The observation of these values is of great importance for the installer and the operator of a heating system. These key parameters if controlled correctly will greatly reduce corrosion.


The water analysis for new modern systems is absolutely vital, with HVAC manufactures striving to improve efficiency and with modern systems now operating at reduced temperatures and to maximise efficiency often components have been greatly reduced in size and subsequently the margin for failure has been reduced.

To ensure our systems remain operating at peak performance and within manufactures guidelines we must monitor the electrical conductivity of the heating water, the pH value of the heating water and the overall hardness of the heating water.

The determination of these values is of great importance for the installer and building owner, if incorrect they will not only impact the systems performance but it is not uncommon for warranty claims to be strictly policed by the manufacture, with poor water treatment voiding any potential claim.

Facts in brief

  The microprocessor-controlled MP-7 combination meter is easy to use. The device recognises the electrodes and automatically switches between measuring the pH value & electrical conductivity.

  Fast and accurate results thanks to microprocessor control.

  Simple drop test to measure the total hardness.

  Functional plastic case with contour foam for best equipment protection.

  Including calibration solution, measuring cup and pH-electrolyte.



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