High Quality Magnesium Anodes

Available For All Major Brands.

The elector magnesium anodes suitable for all corrosion protection devices available in the UK market. 


Protection against corrosion for the complete heating/cooling systems including UFH, fan coil units, pumps, valves, radiators and pipes.


High-purity magnesium alloy. This offers a maximum standard potential, which ensures the best possible efficiency of the electrochemical water treatment and a uniform anode degradation.


Due to the pure material composition, the entry of unwanted foreign substances is avoided. This side effect can occur if, for example, ordinary sacrificial anodes for drinking water storage are used as an anode for electrochemical water treatment.


Our anodes are designed for the most effective electrochemical water treatment possible. The consumption of the anode is the result of the activity of the electrochemical cell. This activity is determined by the so-called cell potential, which is determined, among other things, by the purity of the probe alloy.


The concentration of dissolved gases in the water and the electrical conductivity of the heating water also play a major role in the service life of the anode. Since our anodes are made of a high-purity magnesium alloy, their reactivity is particularly pronounced. Anodes with a lower magnesium content offer a longer service life, but are less active, which can have a strong influence on the rate of oxygen consumption, for example.


Our high-purity magnesium anodes have an average lifespan of 2 - 5 years. The service life can be extended if the electrical conductivity of the heating water is reduced to a level <100 µS / cm by desalination.


For the best possible function of the electrochemical water treatment, we recommend changing the anode every two years, regardless of the service life of the anode.

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