Protecting small systems from raw water top-ups.

Colorguard is a practical and inexpensive make-up water filter designed for domestic applications.
A cost effective solution to ensure that installations remain protected once an engineer has left a system fully commissioned and In the hands of the home owner.

Raw water top ups can have a serious impact on the overall system performance where scale and corrosion can impact the efficiency and longevity of vital system components.
Colorguard uses an Inexpensive refill cartridge system, which makes it ideal for domestic properties & achieving VDI 2035 requirements.

Cost effective as the system filter doesn’t consist of an expensive monitoring computer, the Colorguard utilises a mix bed resin which simply changes colour once it becomes exhausted.

The blue resin has been engineered to achieve water which is low in mineral and salt content to comply with VDI 2035 SWKI BT 102–01, and Ö‑NORM H 5195–1.

Environmentally friendly


Cost Reduction

Constant protection

Time Saving

Assets Remain Protected

Modern heating systems are filled with low-salt water according to recommended guidelines to prevent damage and loss of performance due to limestone and corrosion. Colorguard ensures that the water quality in the system is not adversely affected when system top ups are required as a result of low pressure & system maintenance.


COLORGUARD filters the dissolved salts from the tap water and produces demineralised water which is then introduced in to the heating system. The inline filter cartridge is designed to be pressure-resistant and is ideal for permanent installation in between the filling loop and where it connects on to the system.

Visual indication

With no monitoring computers required the end life of the resin can be monitored at a glance thanks to the transparent filter housing.  The high quality ion exchange resin is coloured with a blue indicator, which once expired loses its colour indicating the resin has expired and requires replacing. Once expired the internal filter cartridge can simply be exchanged for a new cartridge, all service valves are supplied as standard to ensure filter maintenance can be completed efficiently.

Expandable for larger applications.

Larger systems which require a make up water filter can now benefit from this low cost solution by connecting two Colorguards in series.

Two water filters can be firmly connected to each other in just a few simple steps, creating an increased resin capacity for system larger volumes.

Make up water is conditioned and monitored in the same process without the need for monitoring computers.

Assured quality.

The Cologuard filter housing maybe designed for smaller systems but this doesn’t impact the quality of the product.

The filter is rated at 8 bar cold fill pressure & the double O-ring connection system, which secures the filer cartridge to the filter housing ensures that it is not possible for any untreated water to pass through the filter body, which could possibly impact the system fill water.

This guarantees the best possible water desalination.

Facts In Brief

Cost-effective and simple way to fill a heating system with demieralised water.

For domestic use however can be expanded upon.

Simple operation via the visual monitoring of the resin.

High quality ion exchange resin.

Inexpensive but robust ion exchange system for the complete demineralisation of the replenishment water of heating systems.

Multiple seals for long life expectancy.

Affordable way to reach the standards of system water stated in VDI 2035.

Complies with filling requirement by the vast majority of boiler, ASHP & pump manufactures.



Elexion Purofill Colorguard Datasheet 07-20
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Elexion Purofill Colourguard Brochure 06-20
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PUROFILL-colorguard manual
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