Not all resins are made equally

Xi+ is our pH regulated ion exchange resin designed to condition the fill water and existing circulating water in accordance with VDI 2035.

Regulating the pH & electrical conductivity at point of fill puts the system water in a non-corrosive state from the outset. The special blend of anion and cation resin not only targets minerals in the water but provides a significantly better exchange capacity towards acids and aggressive salts over standard resins available.

Xi+ is the premium quality mixed bed ion exchange resin from elector. The special blend has been engineered for the desalination of the fill & make-up water for heating/cooling systems.

Unlike other brands available on the market Xi+ can be used on live system for inline recirculation purposes where the existing system water can pass through the resin on a side stream basis gradually condition & improving the systems water quality.

This is possible as Xi+ can be operated in systems which run up to 90° C. The mixed bed resin for complete desalination of heating water is ideally suited for heating/cooling water treatment due to the high proportion of anion exchange (more than 60% on average), this can prevent the pH value from falling into the acidic range within the capacity limits.

Xi+ is a premium quality resin, which is subject to constant quality controls & frequently tested to ensure the desired levels are always achieved.
This includes a condition check of the ion exchange resin balls and a runtime test which is completed in house. Ion exchange resins for demineralisation have a massive impact on the pH value of the demineralised water.

Although many high-performance resins offer a high removal capacity, they only insufficiently remove the carbonic acid, which means that a low pH of 4-5 is not uncommon. The ion exchange resin from elector offers a high proportion of anions and thus also offers a safe removal of carbonic acid within the capacity range of <10 µS / cm, thereby avoiding a low pH value.

Xi+ ion exchange resin allows installations to become compliant with parameters set in Europe’s leading water tretament guidelines such as VDI2035, SWKI BT 102-01 & ÖNORM H 5195-1.

An electrical conductivity of <0.1 µS / cm and a total hardness of 0.001 ° dH are realisable values ​​in the heating water.

Facts in brief

  • Ion exchange resin from elector is of the highest quality and can be used with all major brands of demineralisation fill stations available on the market.
  • Due to the operating temperature of up to 90 ° C it is ideally suited for the desalination by the means of inline flushing while the system is still operational. Allowing for effective inline treatment without any down time.
  • Ion exchange mixed bed resin with a high proportion of anions. Ion exchange mixed bed resin for full demineralisation = low conductivity and hardness.
  • 100% new goods – no regenerated resin.
  • Packed airtight – safe storage without loss of quality.



Mixed bed ion-exchange resins for heating water treatment
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Data Sheets

Elexion Mixed Bed resin Datasheet 07-20
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Ion exchanger mixed bed resin safety data sheet 07-20
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