Electrochemical Water Treatment 

Magnesium anode technology - Galvanic Corrosion 

With systems becoming more and more efficient it has never been more important to get the water quality correct in closed looped heating systems. To maximise efficiency often components have been greatly reduced in size and subsequently the margin for failure has been reduced.

Electrochemical conditioning of the heating system water by use of the elector reaction tanks and combined with low-salt water creates an environment where  persistent corrosion and silting of the heating system is unlikely.  

Electrochemical water treatment with elector offers:

  • Cleaning of the system water by removing circulating impurities with reduced risk of future corrosion. 

  • Making systems and their components more efficient, reliable and increasing their life expectancy.

  • Reduced conductivity and overall hardness of the heating water, thus maintaining a low-salt operating mode with reduced risk of corrosion.

  • A stable pH value >8.3 a proven factor for a positive influence on the natural formation of surface oxide layers.

  • Continuous electrochemical oxygen consumption and venting reducing the oxygen content in the entire system and reducing the risk of oxygen corrosion.

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Galvanic Corrosion 

Since its foundation in 1991, elector has successfully used the method of electrochemical water treatment with a galvanic element for corrosion protection in heating systems.


elector reaction tanks for corrosion protection in heating systems are installed particularly in old underfloor heating systems which have to cope with the consequences of oxygen diffusion through underfloor heating pipes. 


Problems in the heating system blockages, leaking seals, burst pipes, blocked heat exchangers, siezed pumps can be reduced and even prevented with the appropriate water quality.


electrochemical water treatment is a reliable method which effectively combats corrosion in the heating system.

Heating systems which are operated with low-salt water or at low temperatures often experience corrosion caused by too low a pH value. With the use of elector reaction tank it is possible to manage a stable pH value of >8.3 reducing the risk of corrosion. 


The improvement of the water quality through electrochemical water treatment takes place automatically, without the addition of chemical additives, enabling low-salt operation of the heating system at an ideal pH value.


The use of the technology used by elector corrosion protection devices for corrosion protection in heating systems is listed in recognised guidelines (VDI 2035, AGFW) and is even expressly recommended by the Swiss SWKI BT 102-01 guideline.

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