Demineralised Water For Domestic Use.

COLORGUARD is the practical and inexpensive make-up water filter for the correct refilling of small heating systems.

Simple to operate via visual indication due to colour change of the mixed bed resin once it has expired. The Inexpensive refill cartridge makes this ideal for domestic properties where installers are trying to meet the VDI 2035 standards.

Modern heating systems are filled with low-salt water according to recommended guidelines to prevent damage and loss of performance due to limestone and corrosion. So that the water quality in the heating is not adversely changed even during refilling processes, the refilling water should also be treated with a water filter for full demineralisation.


COLORGUARD filters the dissolved salts from the tap water and produces demineralised water which is then introduced in to the heating system.


The water filter cartridge is designed to be pressure-resistant and is ideal for permanent installation in a refill section for heating filling with an additional system separator or compact filling station. Best heating water quality for optimal heating operation!


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  • Cost-effective and simple way to fill a heating system with demieralised water.

  • For domestic use however can be expanded upon.

  • Simple operation via the visual monitoring of the resin. 

  • High quality ion exchange resin.

  • Inexpensive but robust ion exchange system for the complete demineralisation of the replenishment water of heating systems.

  • Multiple seals for long life expectancy.

  • Affordable way to reach the standards of system water stated in VDI 2035.

  • Complies with filling requirement by the vast majority of boiler & pump manufactures. 

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