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At the forefront of chemical free water treatment eleXion provides the UK market with real German engineering and techniques that comply with Europe's premier water treatment directive VDI 2035. 


VDI 2035 is the German guideline for water treatment and has quickly become the preferred  method of choice with many manufactures & installers now entrusting their installations & warranty periods with the methods stated in the VDI 2035 guidelines. 

Based on natural science, where metals become passive when under the right conditions, our simple approach is not only effective, it is easy to understand, implement & maintain, offering a cost effective solution to water treatment for both existing and new installations.

Over 25 years experience 

Since 1991 elector has designed, manufactured & produced products to combat & protect against corrosion within sealed systems. The damaged caused by scale and corrosion causes a reduction in efficiency, unwanted down time as well as costly repairs. This experience enables us to provide our customers with a method of water treatment which insures reliable & long lasting heating & cooling systems.

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VDI 2035 standards

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Making water work!

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Proven techniques which are simple yet effective, easy to monitor & install, while meeting the requirements set in VDI 2035.


All this is possible without the need of chemical additives.


A chemical free solution can be achieved by pre-treating the system fill water or recirculation of the existing system water.

The water is pre-treated using our industry leading ion exchange resin to remove the harmful minerals & salts.


Further protection can be achieved by use of our electrochemical reaction tanks which provide further corrosion protection.


This easy to understand approach is fast becoming the preferred method of choice with manufactures and installers across the UK.